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We’re excited to share the news that we are making some major life changes soon.

Our long-time dream of traveling and world-schooling the kids is finally coming true. After sending our holiday cards this past winter, we realized how many friends we have across the country that we have not seen in far too long! We decided to start out by seeing our own beautiful country, the many parks and beaches it contains, and most importantly, so many of our friends that live here. Our time traversing across the US will be punctuated by international trips to meet up with friends and new business contacts.

Starting this fall, we are downsizing our life to fit into a 25 foot long Leisure Travel Van RV, and will be traveling around the country and Canada. We haven’t planned our route yet, so we’d love to hear from you if you’d like a visit from us, or if you’d like to meet up with us somewhere.

We hope to keep up this nomadic lifestyle at least through the girls’ middle school years (2019-2022), mixing domestic and international trips, as well as living abroad for extended periods of time. If you know people we should visit or places we should see, please send along those recommendations as well!

We’ve had many people ask about ways they can follow along on our adventures. So, we have two options:

Our family blog:
Our instagram page: @schoolforyoungblood

A good place to start is the blog post about what we’re doing, why we decided to do it, and what kind of rig we bought.

We’re moving all of our mail over to a mail forwarding service. If you’re sending us paper mail (we do love holiday cards!!) please use this address:

1037 NE 65th St. #81429

Seattle, WA 98115

If you want to send packages, please contact us first, so we can let you know where we’ll be.

Our existing phone and email contact info remains the same. If you need a reminder of those, let us know.

We hope to see many of you this coming year and hope your life is full of pleasure and play!


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” 

– Mary Oliver

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