A Special Tour


We made a special point to visit our friend Cynthia in Eugene. She is someone Mark first met through work, but now has become a friend to all of us.

As part of our stop in Eugene, Cynthia offered to take us on a tour of her warehouse and shipping facility. She owns a huge distribution company that ships crafting, sewing, paper and other art supplies to retailers and individuals. Her passion is not necessarily arts and crafts, but the entrepreneurship, logistics and management. And she gave us an amazing behind the scenes look and educated us on how warehouses work.


The girls asked lots of questions and wanted to touch and try everything. Parker’s favorite job was the pallet jack and moving pallets of boxes.


We learned about the system of organization used so “pickers” don’t have to walk all over the warehouse, but stay in different sections and use a track to move the boxes around to different sections.  This is all part of the new “six sigma” implementation she has been doing since buying one of her competitors earlier this year.


Even though the warehouse was closed (it operates 20 hours a day, 6 days a week) Cynthia found an order in progress and worked with the girls to pull items in that section for the order. She showed us where they cut and bundle reams of paper (important when the minimum order of paper is 10,000 lbs), and the merchandising section where they build out the arts and crafts aisles for various retailers like Fred Meyer or local craft stores (which was Taylor’s favorite job).


Their absolute favorite thing however was the scavenger hunt! Cynthia told them about a new craft called “diamond art” (like color by number, but instead you put colored gems in the spots). She logged onto the database, pulled up all the diamond art products, and let each girl pick one they liked. Then she gave them the section-aisle-shelf number for each product and had them go try to find it! They were thrilled to go hunting for their new craft project and even more thrilled they got to bring it home with them.


The next morning, we woke up to find the girls already at the kitchen table working away on their new projects, sipping hot chocolate that Cynthia had lovingly made for them. And after breakfast, she worked with them to make a fig jam/compote.


Cynthia was such a gracious host! The girls immediately fell in love with her, as we knew they would. Thanks again Cynthia!

Writing for The Dyrt


It’s official! We are writers for online campground finder: The Dryt. When we first heard about The Dyrt and what they were building, we got very excited. Finding good places to camp and being able to book them directly, was not an easy task. What is a good campground to one person (who loves ATVs and loud music), might not be considered good by another (who loves hiking and silent stargazing). Having user reviews as well as photos and video tell the real story is invaluable. 

We loved that you can search for campsites through their website or app, and they have fun contests to win for gear and other camping goodies based on how many reviews you write.  They are building out the ability to book campgrounds directly through the site which will save us a lot of time and energy as we’re traveling about.

While living in Portland got to know the founders, Sarah and Kevin, and think they are super cool people. When we had the opportunity, we also made a financial investment in the company. So when it came time for us to go nomadic in our RV, we approached them about helping promote the company while we’re on the road.


Kevin invited all four of us into the office to meet with him and a some of his team to talk about our plans. They helped us understand their goals for the coming year, how to write for search engine optimization, and we talked through ways we could help promote The Dryt while we’re out and about. I was so impressed with how Kevin lead the meeting and how well the team included the girls in the conversation and planning.

One of the big ways we will be helping with promotion is writing for The Dyrt Magazine. Our first article, an interview with us and our coming adventures, is now live.


I see these writing projects as both helpful to a company we really believe in, but also great educational opportunities for the girls. They learned a lot about the internet start-up world in our meeting in the Dyrt’s office and they enjoyed the process of writing their own bios for the interview. We’ve also been engaging the girls in the process for writing campground reviews as well. 

We will post an update here whenever a new Dyrt article goes live!